Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Hours Requirements and Reporting Procedures


Minimum CPD hours requirement

At the time of renewal of the licence(s), all authorized individual insurance intermediaries must fulfil the requirement of a minimum CDP hours of five hours for either ‘general insurance’ licence or ‘life insurance’ licence, and a minimum CPD hours of ten hours for ‘life insurance’ licence and ‘investment linked’ licence, or ‘general insurance’ licence and ‘life insurance’ licence or ‘general insurance’ licence, ‘life insurance’ licence and ‘investment linked insurance’ licence every year, as applicable.


First reporting requirement (from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019)

Individual insurance intermediaries have to fulfil the accumulative CPD hours requirement before renewal of licence(s) and duly report to the AMCM on a one-time basis not later than the deadline of the renewal of licence(s).  The respective requirements can be found at “The required minimum accumulative CPD hours for first reporting


Subsequent reporting requirement (from 1 January 2020 onwards)

Individual insurance intermediaries are required to fulfil and report the Continuing Professional Development Programme Requirements - minimum CDP hour requirement. Any excess CPD hours accumulated within a particular year cannot be carried forward.


Reporting procedures

After duly completing the report form, individual insurance intermediaries may opt to report to the AMCM through their principal, including insurance companies, corporate insurance agents or insurance brokers, or they may furnish the duly completed report form to the AMCM at the time of the renewal of licence(s).


Report form

The report form can be downloaded from the AMCM website or can be collected at the AMCM. 

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